Print with a Purpose

If you’re launching a print campaign—or looking to make a switch from your current media buyer—consider these distinct Evantus advantages.
Unmatched Scope
Evantus gives you one-stop access to thousands of daily local market newspapers, national newspapers like USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal, and national and regional magazines.
The Power of Print + Digital Online
Evantus taps the enormous potential of newspaper and magazine media, as well as other websites (such as broadcast and lifestyle sites) that generate locally relevant content.
Accurate Circulation Numbers
Evantus brings you the benefits of a rigorous circulation verification process unequaled in the industry, because true circulation numbers are critical to achieving better performance and knowing exactly what you’re paying for.
Optimal Rates
Evantus translates deep publisher relationships into deep discounts. Plus, we help you use flexibility to your advantage: The more flexible you are, the better rates you secure.
Rich Business Intelligence Tools
Evantus ties together hundreds of reports—from buy optimization and results analyses to media mix simulations and competitive intelligence—allowing you to not only measure your media buy’s performance, but improve it.
Ease & Simplicity
From solid systems and responsive account teams to industry-leading automation, Evantus offers the back-end tools and technologies to make working with us easy and enjoyable