Evantus Digital Ad Formats

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly from the days of the static banner ad. Take advantage of today’s creative options and better measurement tools by working with Evantus to launch an ad using one of the featured formats below.

Sliding Billboard
Appears at the top of a page and literally pushes your message to users by appearing to move the page content down, then retracting until the user mouses over it again

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Delivers your video message to the user within a banner (InPage), or before or after desired third-party video content (Pre-Roll and Post-Roll, respectively). Example: a 10-second ad that plays before a news video is “Pre-roll.”

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Delivers your message to the user during the transition from one web page to another within the same site.

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Home Page Takeover/Sponsorship
Grabs user attention by delivering your message in most or all of a trusted site’s ad inventory on the home page.

Delivers your message directly to user’s mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs via text alerts or on websites.

Wallpaper / Page Skin
Delivers your message “behind” trusted content by appearing to flood the background of the website (often used in tandem with sliding billboards and other online formats).

Companion Ad
Attracts user attention by making two or more ads on the same page work together—sometimes in very creative ways (e.g., two in-page ads that “talk” to each other across the page content).

Multi-Tabbed Ad
Gives users a choice of information to display. When they click on a tab, information appears conveniently right within the ad (without jumping to a website).

Corner Peelback
Attracts user attention by creating the illusion of a page being peeled back, then displays your message when the user mouses over the peeled area.

Floating Ad
Rather than setting your ad in a typical “banner ad”-type position, a floating ad delivers your message right over the page content until the user either clicks or closes.

Allows the user to expand your ad from its original size by mousing over it.

Email Newsletter
Delivers your message within the trusted content of an opt-in enewsletter.

Other Rich Media
Our Local Online team can keep you apprised of new digital ad formats,as well as work with you to develop a custom option perfect for your campaign.